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Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat: Preparing Your Cat a Stay in a Cattery

So you are going away on a holiday or traveling on business and as much as you would like to, you can't bring your kitty with you. Cats can be very attached to their homes and will often become unsettled when their environment or routine changes. However, it doesn't have to be this way. By following some simple steps, you can help to prepare your cat for its stay in a cattery, so you can have piece of mind while you are away.

Check out of the Cattery

You should visit the cattery in advance for your own piece of mind. If you are anxious about putting your cat into a cattery, it is likely your pet will pick up on this, adding to its anxiety. Take note of how clean the cattery is and the general mood of the staff. You should also take a look at the other cats staying in the cattery to check if they look happy and content. Speak with staff and ask to see the area your cat will be staying in to make sure it is appropriate.

Familiarity Breeds Contentment

Before you even get to the cattery, you have to get your pet into its carrier. You should leave the pet carrier out for a few days before bringing them to the cattery. Your cat should get used to the sight and smell of the carrier. The more familiar the carrier seems, the less stressed your cat will be when being transported to the cattery.

Pack for Your Cat

By packing a few familiar items, you can make your cat feel at home in the cattery. You should bring an item of your own old clothing to the cattery, so it can be left with your pet after you have left so they will be able to smell you scent. You should also bring a couple of your pets favourite toys for them to play with. This should help to make your cat feel secure in the new environment. 

Vacation Vaccinations 

You should make sure that your cat is up to date with its vaccinations and in good health before it begins its stay at the cattery. If your cat is on any medication you should provide the cattery with enough meds for the duration of its stay, plus an extra few days, just in case you need to extend its stay.

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