Why Does Your Cat Vomit After Boarding?

While you may have been looking forward to bringing your cat home after boarding, your experience may be marred if your cat starts to vomit after you get it home. You may worry that your cat has picked up a bug or has a medical problem; however, your pet may be throwing up for other reasons after its stay that are perfectly normal. Why might your cat start to vomit once you bring it home? [Read More]

Tips To Help You Find The Right Dog Boarder For Your Pet

Dog boarding is a great alternative to putting your pooch in kennels when you go away.  Many dogs love the freedom offered by boarding; instead of being isolated in a kennel all day, they are able to socialise, just like being on holiday themselves! However, not all dogs are the same, and it's important that you find a boarder that suits your pet.  Here are some tips on what to consider when searching for a perfect dog boarding home. [Read More]

Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat: Preparing Your Cat a Stay in a Cattery

So you are going away on a holiday or traveling on business and as much as you would like to, you can't bring your kitty with you. Cats can be very attached to their homes and will often become unsettled when their environment or routine changes. However, it doesn't have to be this way. By following some simple steps, you can help to prepare your cat for its stay in a cattery, so you can have piece of mind while you are away. [Read More]